We love trying out new experience, ready to recommend them and have no hesitation in saying “On Your Bike” to you all!  I have a great group of friends and they keep me on my toes, or in my saddle in this instance.    Any new adventure and they know I am keen to explore, our guests

Fancy a bike ride with a difference? – is an intriguing introductory sentence to anyone with a sense of adventure.  Yes! was my immediate answer, followed by a slight niggle of needless worry. I had not been on a bike for years.  Not due to laziness, far from it, I just have a dog to walk and a limited number of “free to do what I want” hours in any given day.

Choosing Green Lane Bike Tours

Ellie, the founder of Green Lane Bike Tours, came to my rescue. An electric bike was hired on my behalf and was ready and waiting at the start of our tour.   The next few hours went whizzing by in a whirl of Mary Poppinesque happiness.  There is nothing like cycling to really “see” things – an ability to greet others with a smile of contentment as you pedal past.  Yes, there are those who cycle at speeds that would dry washing, but I am definitely not of that ilk.  A steady pace is all that is required on these tours, it is about taking in your surroundings, not training for the Tour de Mon.

Our Route

We started the day by parking at the RSPB Cors Ddyga Nature Reserve, where the Lôn Las Cefni  cycle route meanders through some truly beautiful countryside.  Nature lovers will be thrilled with all that there is to see, wildlife positively peeking out wherever you look.  The ditches, lakes and ponds are some of the most important in the UK – hosting more than 30 rare wetland plants – and home to bitterns, wetland warblers, marsh harriers and numerous other reed loving wildfowl.  Let’s not forget the largest colony of lapwing in Wales – it’s not surprising to learn that  Charles Tunnicliffe loved living in Malltraeth.   I would highly recommend visiting Oriel Ynys Môn , where you can see works by Tunnicliffe and Sir Kyffin Williams – alongside works by incredible modern artists as well.

We cycled along the River Cefni, watching the sunlight play on the water and the sheep grazing away happily.  A wriggle along a quiet track brings you out at the Bodorgan Estate, a very interesting part of Anglesey history unfolds in the careful telling of a tale. Ellie’s knowledge knows no bounds, her love of history is evident in all she shares.

Up hills and along lanes – easy with an electric bike and the reason I now own one of my own. The freedom to explore, despite aging knees, is just the most wonderful freedom.

Our final surprise was by Anglesey Alpacas  – not something I thought I would see on this tour.  They were absolutely enchanting and the young were hysterical to watch.  They do walking with alpacas tours if you are interested – and meet and greets on Sundays.   I am a great believer in new experiences, never too old.

Miles of cycling, 22 in total by the end – were rewarded with tea and cake at the Riverside Café. If you have yet to discover this delightful café then add it to your “to explore” list. I admit I am a great believer in the restorative powers of cake, and the owners of the Riverside Café are experts in their creation.  Heaven on a plate, guilt free pleasure after all those cycle miles.

Overall Rating

10/10 – no question about it, quite the best day out I have had for an exceptionally long time.   Healthy, invigorating, fresh air with a whole heap of pleasurable learning added.

Despite living here, I saw a whole new Anglesey. An Anglesey that I have whizzed past in my car, an Anglesey I have been too busy to really “see”.

Take the time to slow right down, it really is worth it.